Completion Management Systems (CMS)

iNe Technologies have full capabilities to manage projects from Mechanical Completions, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning phases by utilizing a dedicated Completions Management System (CMS) Project Tools Software that is populated with approved Engineering design data, Electrical Equipment List, J/B schedules, Cable schedules, Instrument Index, Piping Line List, Mechanical Equipment List, Telecoms Equipment List, HVAC Lists and Safety Equipment Lists etc. Population of the CMS data base with linking of tagged items to the correct subsystems and allocation of Mechanical Completions & Pre-Commissioning Inspection Test Records (ITR’s) allows accurate verification of equipment and systems to be checked in accordance to approved design.

Function logic checks on systems are completed using approved certified test equipment to allow data to be checked against detailed design set points and parameters, this information is interfaced between engineering and client. All Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning are controlled via the PTW, JSA & LOTO procedures.

Commissioning Software Packages

iNe Technologies Commissioning Team has experience with various different Completion Management Software Packages including:

  • PIMS
  • Thule
  • PUMA 3
  • Project Tools
  • Microsoft Access
Basis of Commissioning Execution Work

  • Utilize approved Commissioning Procedures (per system).
  • Identify Manpower Resources (Organagram).
  • Utilize Commissioning sequence logic schedule (system/subsystem level) integrated within overall schedule.
  • Utilize other supporting approved procedures e.g. PTW, JSA, LOTO, equipment preservation procedures, etc.
  • Nitrogen/Helium (N2/He) Leak Testing procedure of hydrocarbon systems (specialist subcontractor).
  • Utilize Handover Methods and Procedures.